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Eternal Values Nettle

The Sea… the Ocean. Life began in the sea. Dipping into the sea water, we connect with the universe, soak up its energy and feel the love of the world! Why not to to have the sea at your home?

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Natural ingredients

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Bath Salt Eternal Values Nettle

100 % natural product. Fragrance and Dye Free

Sea Salt is available as natural crystals, formed by natural evaporation of sea water, not subjected to any chemical or thermal treatment. It contains the combination of biologically active macro- and micro-elements and salubrious gases. It is rich in potassium, bromine and iodine and improves overall health and metabolism.

The healing properties of the sea salt are enhanced by herbs.

Nettle is rich in vitamins and microelements; it provides a positive effect on intercellular metabolism and stimulates the regenerative processes.  

Peppermint provides an antiseptic and a sedative effect.

Carcade has an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal benefits.

The extracted sea salt with the addition of dried nettle and its extract normalizes metabolism in skin cells, enriches with vitamins and minerals, and takes care of its renewal. The salt with nettle extract has a calming effect, copes with the bacteria and reduces inflammation.

How to use

Add at least 100 g of Sea Salt to the tub with warm water (35 ÷ 39 ºC) and stir till crystals are fully dissolved. For enhancing the healing properties of the Sea Salt, the dosage should be increased up to 450 g. Soak in the tub up to 20 minutes. It is recommended to have a rest after the bath. Due to the natural origin of the Sea Salt, some insoluble minerals can occur in the bath.


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