Approved by Member of the Board

The ''Sunny Factory'' company carries out the following activities: body care cosmetics development and production.

The company's strategy is aimed at increasing its competitive ability in the European Union market, Switzerland, Norway, and the Persian Gulf countries by creating high-quality cosmetic products meeting the customers’ expectations, streamlining of effective management of business processes, use of high-quality raw materials and reduction in unit cost of production.

The company’s long-term goal is to generate profit and maintain a stable level of income for the company’s owners and employees through the production of hygiene products, body cosmetics and foaming products providing safe use, minimizing allergy reaction or skin irritation.

The company identifies its major priorities as:

  • Creating a high-quality, unique concept for the product manufacture, taking into account the market trends
  • Issuing and subsequent implementation of technical documentation that serves as the basis for cosmetic products manufacture
  • Development and creation of a fundamentally new approach to design, style and high-quality packaging
  • Ensuring intellectual property rights, protecting the company’s interests
  • Taking measures to reduce internal and external risks
  • Complying with regulatory and legal requirements

The quality policy has been brought to the attention of the company’s employees and is available to all interested parties.