Palm wax candle


The handmade pillar candle combines an ancient classic and a bright identity. The natural candle is cast from a natural material that forms complex patterns on the walls of the product

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100% hand made


Natural ingredients

No chemicals or additives


Recyclable packaging


Palm wax candle: Pillar Olive 155 MM

Burning time more than 30 HOURS

Handcrafted pillar candles combine age-old classics and bright identity. The typeface is available in a palette of 18 colors.

Each shade is charming in its own way thanks to the stripes on the hardened wax. Natural candles are cast from natural material that creates complex patterns on the walls of the product.

Height 15.5 cm, base diameter 5 cm. The palm pillar-candle is elegant in execution and restrained in classical parameters.

It is suitable for any interior and for any occasion - a celebration, a romantic date or a casual evening when you want to relax.

The properties of organic palm wax are such that the slender column candle burns for a very long time, creating a delightful scene.

Handmade makes each candle exclusive

How to use

Candle is intended for external use only. Keep a burning candle out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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