Palm wax candle


Yellow brightness of the lemon! Is it so sour as well? Not at all! This canary-yellow candle seems to be warm and sweet by virtue of its bright flame

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270 g

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100% hand made


Natural ingredients

No chemicals or additives


Recyclable packaging


Palm wax candle: Pillar Yellow 105 MM

Burning time more than 45 HOURS

Eco candles gain popularity and the most desirable are models of classic forms, especially pillars. Being an absolutely natural material, palm wax complies with all requirements regarding product safety. Cotton is used to make a wick in natural candles.

The pillar height is 10.5 cm, the base diameter - 6.2 cm. These neat cylinders are represented in 18 splendid shades. Handmade candles draw your attention by their exclusiveness: every product looks, as if it is covered with frost mist. Hardened palm wax produces such an unusual effect.

  • 100% Natural Palm Wax
  • Burning time: ≥45 h
  • No perfume
  • Weight: 270g
  • Height – 10.5 cm; diameter – 6.2 cm

Natural candles are very economical, they burn much longer than paraffin wax ones. Their flame is much more pure and bright. Palm wax candle burning is an amazingly picturesque view. Visual effect changes depending on a pillar colour.

Handmade makes each candle exclusive

How to use

Candle is intended for external use only. Keep a burning candle out of the reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

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